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‘B2B Marketing Conference’ Cambridge 2017

Following the success of our inaugural annual B2B Marketing Conference, we’re back for what promises to be another action-packed day.  We’ll be showcasing some of the best industry speakers with fantastic insights and implementable marketing strategies.  Hear case studies and learn from leading B2B protagonists.  And our unique discussion group sessions will ensure you’ll leave feeling creative, inspired and truly networked.  We’ll be putting on some drinks, too, so stay a while after and make new friends and contacts.


Who will we be hearing from?

About your Event Chair – Charles Nixon

PrintFounder and Chairman of Cambridge Marketing College

Charles began his career after studying History and economics at Manchester University, a degree that he says gives him a long term approach to strategy. He was first employed as Government Relations Officer for Courtaulds. In 1987 he moved to the City of London and joined Extel Financial in time for Big Bang and the city revolution.
Following several years with Extel he was head hunted by Societe General to rebrand its recently acquired UK Unit Trust Asset Management arm – Touché Remnant.

During this time Charles founded Cambridge Marketing College with, Ian Brownlee and a third Marketing Consultant, Mike West in May of 1991. The College quickly established itself for its fresh and enthusiastic approach. Since then the college has gone from strength to strength to become the leading Professional Marketing college in Europe with 1400 delegates at its 10 centres around the UK and overseas .

About Neil Cooper

VP of Marketing, Audio Analytic

Neil is the VP of Marketing at Audio Analytic, having recently left ARM, the UK’s most admired company. A B2B marketer since 1999, Neil has worked for Team Consulting, Cambridge Consultants, Analysys Mason and Informa. He has a keen interest in behavioural economics and brand authenticity, as well as being drawn to anything that challenges preconceptions (he may be the only person who likes the new Juventus logo).

Topic: Less propaganda, more personality- the era of authenticity

Our customers are highly cynical. A recent study highlighted that four out of five consumers said that brands were not ‘open and honest’. And in a survey of B2B buyers, the top two attributes they wanted from companies was that they ‘care about honest, open dialogue with customers and society’ and that they ‘act responsibly across their supply chain’. This presentation will look at the brands doing a good job and what lessons we can learn.

About Joel Harrison

Editor-in-chief, B2B Marketing

Joel Harrison is founding editor of B2B Marketing and is editorial director of publishing company Silver Bullet Publishing Ltd. He oversees all of the company’s event, training and content activities, including the B2B Marketing Awards, the B2B Summit, and the Advanced Certificate in B2B Marketing.

Topic: TBC

About Neldi Rautenbach

Marketing Manager at Synthetix

Neldi brings over two decades of time served within the ‘Ministry of Marketing’ to her role as Head of Marketing at Synthetix. Her stars and stripes include working for several pioneers of new technologies within the software and hardware scene. Her distinct ‘twang’ can be attributed to growing up in South Africa where she studied Design and Advertising which to this day assists her greatly in her commercial creativity. Neldi’s primary focus is to continually increase global thought leadership eminence and brand awareness to help drive business results. As a skilled researcher, she also keeps abreast of industry trends and challenges especially and provides business intelligence to the company.

Topic: Delivering the personal touch- Engaging a world that is tired of marketing

  • The challenge: Remaining authentic whilst providing the same level of intimacy and insight to a geographically and demographically diverse customer base, though in a largely faceless digital environment.
  • Proactive campaign approaches of the past don’t work – Personalisation, storytelling and metrics.
  • Standing out in a digitally crowed space should not be a shouting contest – the customer’s point of view. Timing, balance and keeping it simple.
  • The trouble with technology/automation

About Dorothy Mead

Head of Marketing at Talmix

Topic: Do you have to keep up with the Marketing Jones’s?

Marketing leaders have never had such a rich choice of channels, techniques and supporting technologies. There’s always a next best thing and the pressure to adopt the latest trend may derail rather than accelerate marketing results.

  • The Marketing backbone that even the smallest business should embrace
  • How to enable the success of marketing efforts
  • Creating a better buyer experience
  • Practical advice and examples on making the right marketing choices

About James Foulkes

Director & Co-Founder at Kingpin Communications

James co-founded Kingpin in 1997 and has helped build it into one of the UK’s leading independent B2B Marketing agencies, recently ranking #18 in B2B Marketing’s TOP 40 Global B2B Marcomms Agencies. An industry old hand with over 23 years IT Media and Marketing experience, James can still remember when email was unheard of. A seasoned speaker at events, James is frequently invited to participate on industry focused discussions and panel debates. Any spare time is spent with family and following his beloved Grimsby Town FC.

Topic: Organisations buy, not individuals

Although B2B purchases still follow the traditional broad funnel, the sales process is now far less linear and structured than it used to be.
Marketers need to understand the fundamentals of selling to enterprises and remember that all key stakeholders (both internal and external) need influencing. This means events, phone calls and face-to-face meetings are easily as important as anything we can do digitally.

About Simon Moss

Head of Customer Marketing at CommuniGator

Topic: Could the GDPR kill email marketing?

  • GDPR – how to make sure you are compliant come May 2018 – what will happen if you are not
  • What to do with your existing marketing data
  • Split testing: Every marketer should do it and I have the stats to prick your ears up

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