8:30 am — 12:30 pm
One Moorgate Place
One Moorgate Place

London, EC2R 7EF
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An enterprising half-day conference for dynamic marketers who wanted to supercharge their education in the company of peers.

Having gathered bright and early at the stunning One Moorgate Place, we were ready for a day crammed full of insightful content, insightful discussions from the roundtables and plenty of networking.

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Thank you’s

As with any event, there is always a very long list of people that we should thank so here we go!

A massive thank you to our host, UK Marketing Network, our sponsors, Draw, Network Marketing, Conscious, PM Forum, Gulland PadfieldOnlyMarketingJobs.com & Cambridge Marketing College. An extra special thank you goes to our very own and ever reliable and entertaining, Simon Lewis of Edge Global Media Group, who did a marvellous job.

A huge thanks goes to our speakers who, I’m sure we can all agree, made the day a real learning experience! They are here to help you further if you do have any questions so do not be afraid to get in touch.

Lastly, but by no means the least, it’s a big ol’ thanks to our attendees. Without you, there would be no conference and the day was such a success due to your great contributions to conversations, questions to speakers, twitter interaction and the day as a whole. Thanks for coming & we hope you enjoyed it!

Please note that unfortunately, due to branding issues and company policies, not all presentations are available to be viewed online

Who did we hear from?

Keith Hardie

Head of Marketing and Communication at Bird & Bird LLP

Topic: Maximising the value of your digital presence

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  • How to extend your reach through website and social channels
  • The importance of collecting & analysing data to learn more about your audience
  • Integrating the digital experience to deliver a seamless experience across every client touch point

Lee Grunnell

Founder, Thirteen

(Former Marketing Director at Blake Morgan, BLM & DAC Beachcroft)

Topic: Being distinctive in the modern legal marketplace

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  • How most law firms are failing in their quest to stand out
  • Exploring the disconnection between saying what you do and doing what you say
  • How all legal marketing falls into one of eight groups.
  • The ingredients of a distinctive market proposition

Kent Valentine

Director, Draw

Topic: Castles and Gardens

The legal sector has traditionally been in the habit of building digital castles – vast crumbling edifices that are expensive to build, difficult to maintain and problematic for their customers.

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View Draw’s Legal Sector Digital Benchmark report

  • Unpack the key political, budgetary and technical factors that have contributed to the creation of these unwieldy properties
  • How each of these factors can and need to be addressed
  • Actionable strategies in order to make the transition
  • Curating effective and sustainable digital ecosystems

Sarah-Jane Howitt

Marketing Director, Weightmans

Topic: Internal engagement & adding value

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  • Internal engagement and adding value
  • Where’s the value?
  • Building strong internal relationships
  • Sometimes you have to say no
  • Processes and reporting

Dana Denis-Smith

CEO, Obelisk Support

Topic: Storytelling

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  • How to find and build on the interesting stories within the conservative legal sector
  • Getting creative whilst remaining sensitive to the overall strategic goals
  • Identifying the key drivers to be consistent with your message; visibility, credibility, respect
  • Allow the diversity of stories to emerge – from personal stories to individual specialisms

 Event Partners

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March 5, 2015
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Edge Global Media Group
0203 196 8080
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